minigoals and unresolutions: february’s update

Look! Here’s a picture of a chameleon my husband took on the Hana Highway on Maui. It’s almost as random as this post. Also, this chameleon made halting, deliberate steps toward its goal, ever so slowly, which is kind of what I’m doing. So look! It fits!


I wrote this post last month. It was random and navel-gazing, but also left me needing to write monthly sequels, so here is this month’s.


January: Get up early.

Check. (Update: as expected, getting up early looks a lot different off vacation. So my current wake-up time is a lot closer to the girls’ than I’d like. I’m fine-tuning it for real life still.)

February: Leave food on my plate at meals.

So… that actually didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I did it whenever I thought of it. The theory was good. But the problem is mindfulness. I think about it as I sit down to most meals, but by the time I actually start eating (after getting back up for the milk I forgot or cutting up someone’s food or placating the hungry baby or whatever), so much chaos has happened that I’ve lost track. And then I eat, and then I’m finishing my meal, which is the time I’m supposed to be remembering that I’m leaving food. So… oops.

I’d still like very  much like to learn to be more mindful about eating, but this wasn’t my ticket to that. I’ll keep trying. That’s okay… that was kind of the point of the whole series of experiments.

So… March.

I’m getting back to flossing every night in the shower. (I honestly can’t believe I just wrote that sentence on the internet. New lows, my friends. I promise I will at no point start writing posts devoted to what I have for breakfast every day. That’s my line in the sand. Or blog. Whatever.) This has worked well for me in the past- I have a trigger (the shower) so I remember and it’s convenient. But at some point, I got lazy and stopped doing it as a matter of daily habit, so it’s time to fix that.

I need a win after trying and forgetting so consistently this month. Also? I have a cleaning coming up. So there’s that. (“Why yes, I DO floss daily, thankyouverymuch.”)

So how goes your 2016? Are you making progress toward the goals or attitudes you wanted?

Author: robininalaska

Clumsy Jesus Follower. Finder of grace. Mom to four babies here, one in heaven. Wife to one very good man. Writer of hope. Normalizer of failure.

5 thoughts on “minigoals and unresolutions: february’s update”

  1. I am doing fairly decent with my 2016 so far. Definitely not getting all I want done yet. But baby steps are better than no steps. I’m also working on not eating all my food. I was just telling Ryan that after a certain age (maybe onset of puberty) I want to encourage eating until satisfied instead of full or clean plate. A clean plate never did me any good because I always took too much food to begin with. Dad says my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

    Thank you for writing. I love reading your posts. ♡♡♡


    1. Yes! We’re working to help the girls listen to their bodies- we don’t force clean plates. We do make them try things, and we’ll ask for more bites if they really haven’t eaten enough and they don’t get *more* of anything unless they ate what we have given them. It’s an interesting challenge.


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