Today marks the day this book is officially released to the world, which means it’s the day I can share it with you and you can actually do something about it.

You guys know me. You know I share my stories because they’re what I’ve been given, and because there’s grace to be found there.

In All the Pretty Things, Edie Wadsworth shares the story she’s been given- the story of Appalachian poverty and a girl’s complicated relationship with her daddy and the Father who pursues her. It’s beautiful and spellbinding and heartbreaking and redemptive. She spares none of the hurt or the shame, and in sharing it all, she gives us the full volume of hope.

I want to leave it for you to discover, but her memoir will be rolling around in my heart and head for a long time to come. Her background is thoroughly different from mine, but we share a God who redeems, and I got to know His heart a little better better through her story.


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Clumsy Jesus Follower. Finder of grace. Mom to four babies here, one in heaven. Wife to one very good man. Writer of hope. Normalizer of failure.

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