Life has been a little challenging. It’s the kind of challenging you’d expect with all the little people in the house, with the needs to meet and discipline to keep track of and the sensory input assaulting me. It’s also a special kind of difficult with heartbreak with and for people that I love, valleys to walk through with them, and battles to fight in prayer.

Yesterday was a standard kind of hard day– I tuned out the sensory overload, so the kids got louder. So I was more overwhelmed, so I attempted sedation by Wildkratts. Except too much screen time makes them squirrely, and on and on, as you’d imagine. This ended badly, with my eyes and forehead veins and neck muscles all bulging in the most attractive way possible, I’m sure.

But in the midst of the hard in this season (both the normal and the special hard), I keep hearing a Whisper:

“Look up.”

Sometimes (like yesterday), I’m so busy tuning my kids out that I also miss His gentle reminder until things are fully out of hand. But more and more, I’m hearing it.

Look up. Listen to the words of the song playing in the kitchen. Those words come from my Word and will speak to your heart.

Look up. See the way I am in the storm, caring for the people you love, even as they fight the battle of their lives. 

Look up. Pay attention to the way I’ve placed my image on your children. See how your love for them is a reflection of Mine for you.

Look up. Notice the beauty I’ve placed around you. I made it for My glory and enjoyment, and I want it to point your heart to Me.

Look up.

This post is part of the write31days challenge… I’m trying to post every day in October. The rest of the posts can be found here.


Published by robininalaska

Clumsy Jesus Follower. Finder of grace. Mom to four babies here, one in heaven. Wife to one very good man. Writer of hope. Normalizer of failure.

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  1. I loved this, Robin. I’ve been experiencing similar turbulence lately, with the same quiet voice urging me upward. Let’s keep looking up. 🙂


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