Hi! I’m participating in write31days this year, for the first time ever… and I’m doing it wrong. I have no big plan; I’m just trying to write every day. I have no idea what is going to come out! My hope is, as always, to look for grace in my stories and to share that grace with you.

Here’s where I’m linking all the posts, whatever they become:

  • day 1: October
  • day 2: on looking up
  • day 3: getting my body back
  • day 4: in defense of social media
  • day 5: Lilly and Hope (miscarriage)
  • day 6: ordinary days
  • day 7: on the seventh day…
  • day 8
  • day 9: sharing your art
  • day 10: the freedom of seasons
  • day 11: focus, light, and perspective
  • day 12: faith to be strong
  • day 13
  • day 14
  • day 15
  • day 16: wide open
  • day 17: owning who you are
  • day 18
  • day 19: homeschooling so far
  • day 20: they draw me smiling
  • day 21
  • day 22: reclaiming quiet
  • day 23
  • day 24: I’m not the body image lady
  • day 25: voting and revisiting Tozer
  • day 26: traveling for its own sake
  • day 27: grace in ridiculousness
  • day 28
  • day 29: (a sad story, but a good God)
  • day 30
  • day 31
  • recap: habits, minigoals, and grace enough for all october

Published by robininalaska

Robin Chapman is a clumsy Jesus follower, imperfect wife and mom, normalizer of failure, and writer who captures both the gritty experience of motherhood and the grace of God as it carries her despite her (many) imperfections. Her writing is laced with humor and vulnerability, sure to make you laugh and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you are not alone. As an editor and writer for KindredMom.com, she is a cheerleader for moms in the trenches. She educates her four children at home in Alaska, where she lives with her ridiculously good looking husband, Andrew.

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