on the seventh day…

This is more update than actual blog post… Like Lilly in that picture, I’m having a hard time being a person today. Everything is fine. It’s great. It’s just that my whole day is booked solid from 9 until 9 today and my to-do list is long and I can’t quite pull it all together. Oh, right. And there are still kids. There’s abundant grace for crazy days (just like there is for the normal days) but I’m taking a pass on thinking all the Deep Thoughts and then writing them down today. Cool? Great.

So I’m off to do All The Things. I considered skipping out entirely here, but I want you to see it. See that I don’t magically find time to do everything every day. Those of you that see my house know this. But the rest of you? I just want it to be really, really clear. I have to let things go, just like anybody. This week? It’s been my house. Today? It’s going to be writing.

If I want my kids to learn how to be people and to extend grace to themselves and those around them, I need to do it, too. For now, look around and find some gifts like you did yesterday, OK? It’s just a good habit to be in. Have a good one!

This post is part of the write31days challenge… I’m trying to post every day in October. The rest of the posts can be found here.


Author: robininalaska

Clumsy Jesus Follower. Finder of grace. Mom to four babies here, one in heaven. Wife to one very good man. Writer of hope. Normalizer of failure.

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