Some days are just a struggle. Nothing major is going on right now, but some combination of sleep deprivation and the 4-hour days of December have blended into a pervasive lethargy- everything just takes so much effort. Yesterday, I had a short list of things that needed to get done before I could reasonably snag myself breakfast. I got them all done and then made me a protein shake… at 2:30pm.

Today I did better, but but still. The list is longer than my motivation seems able to handle.

I’m weary. It’s not a huge deal, just the season I’m in.

Do you know what other season I’m in?


The season of waiting, watching, remembering, anticipating. And stuck in my head all day is the name that embodies Advent for me: Emmanuel.

GOD with us. 

God WITH us.

God with US.

He came as a baby, both to rescue and to be with.

So whether I’m in a weary season or an energized one, He is with. 

It doesn’t change my weariness, but (as is so frequently true) it changes me. His with-ness gives me the moment-by-moment grace to do whatever I need to be doing, and I’m grateful.

What season are you in right now?

Stretched thin?

Friend, he is with you. 

That long-prophesied, angel-announced baby wasn’t just any baby. (Seriously. I’m still working on announcing my baby from July. Pretty sure when angels announce a baby, it’s a bigger deal than a regular baby.) He was (and is) the Rescuer. Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Emmanuel.

Take a minute to be present with the God who is WITH US. It won’t change your season or your circumstances, but He may change everything else.

Published by robininalaska

Robin Chapman is a part-time writer, editor, and birth photographer and a full-time imperfect mama, wife, Jesus follower, and normalizer of failure. She’s trying hard to learn how to do this motherhood thing in a way that doesn’t land the whole family in intensive therapy. She has a heart for helping other mamas buried in the little years with hope, humor, and solidarity. You can find her hiding out in the bathroom with an iced dirty chai, writing and editing and making spreadsheets for where she is a cheerleader for mamas, or online looking for grace in her mundane and weird life. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska with her four delightful (crazy) kids—some homeschooled, some public schooled, some too young for school at all—and her ridiculously good looking husband, Andrew.

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