a totally lazy (but fun) way to celebrate Advent

Okay, jumping into new territory… DIY. If you happen to be new here and are considering subscribing for my fantastic and helpful DIY tutorials… feel free to subscribe, but this is totally not my shtick, so, you know… lower your expectations. I can’t even spell DIY some days, much less do it, photograph it, write about […]

dear mama… (when you’d rather be doing anything else)

Hey, friend. I see you. You love your babies. They’re cute. They’re hilarious. They’re delightful. They’re maddening. They’re smart. They’re determined. They’re expressive. They’re so difficult. Some mornings you wake up and see the things that need to be done and the bellies that need to be filled… and filled… and filled again. You see the […]

habits, minigoals, and grace enough for all october

As many of you know, I’ve been exploring small habits one at a time throughout the year. In October, I committed to attempting my version of the Write31days challenge: I decided I’d try to post as many days of the month as possible. Here are some things I learned… I can make time. Writing has always, […]

dear Christians: Trump is not the Savior of America

Hi. So… Election 2016 is over. (Hooray!) It’s been over for mere hours and already, I’ve seen posts from friends—people that I like—saying things like “I guess God still loves America!” and “Thank you, Jesus, we won!” Let’s talk about this for a second. God still rules. Jesus (not Trump) is still the Savior. When we position Trump […]