habits, minigoals, and grace enough for all october

As many of you know, I’ve been exploring small habits one at a time throughout the year. In October, I committed to attempting my version of the Write31days challenge: I decided I’d try to post as many days of the month as possible. Here are some things I learned… I can make time. Writing has always, […]

dear Christians: Trump is not the Savior of America

Hi. So… Election 2016 is over. (Hooray!) It’s been over for mere hours and already, I’ve seen posts from friends—people that I like—saying things like “I guess God still loves America!” and “Thank you, Jesus, we won!” Let’s talk about this for a second. God still rules. Jesus (not Trump) is still the Savior. When we position Trump […]

(a sad story, but a good God.)

A long time ago (probably just past a decade now), we were in a group of mostly-college-aged mostly-singles from our church. In this group (as frequently happens), a boy and a girl started to date. They were perfect together. Beaming. He proposed. The engagement lasted only long enough to put a simple wedding together. Its […]

I’m not the body image lady

(photo credit: 3-year-old Jenna. Because if I have a genuine smile for a camera, it’s probably because my baby is holding it. Otherwise, I don’t really feel like having myself captured on camera.) I have some issues with attention. I vacillate internally between hiding and full-on diva. Every time I hit “publish” here, I’m absolutely […]