photo essay: quarantine, day whatever

Quarantine, day who-the-heck-knows: I spent this day looking for light, both literal and metaphorical. This collection looks to me like a really random mix of images, but it’s just my life, from the cheery morning light reminding me to fold laundry to an unplanned trip out of the house alone. This set of images misses […]

quiet space

It’s Friday, April 10. I’m looking out my living room’s big picture window at smallish snowflakes. The spruce across the street have a dusting on the branches, and the ground is, of course, still covered in white as it has been since October. The overcast sky along and the bright white flakes makes the whole […]

field notes from a brave new world

Hey, friends! So in this weird season of minimal structure besides “stay in your house whenever possible,” my lifeline has been chats with friends about all the things—how we’re feeling, what we’re doing, how we’re staying sane (I mean IF)… Good times. Anyway, I figured maybe I wasn’t the only one surviving more on stories […]