pride month (thoughts from a basic Christian straight girl)

Warning: this is very likely to make my progressive friends mad because it’s too conservative and my conservative friends mad because it’s too progressive. Basically, I’m bracing myself. You might consider doing the same. I had a conversation lately with a friend whose workplace celebrates Pride Month. They were ordering rainbow t-shirts, and she opted […]

the spiritual discipline of watching tv

“Ohmygosh, I’ve found the BEST parenting book!““You read a book? When do you find time?!?““I don’t know… I don’t watch TV, so that helps.”“Ohhhh.” Video is a weirdly difficult medium for me. I can read or I can listen, but video requires both eyes and ears, frequently at normal speed (unlike reading or podcasts, both […]

mess and beauty

The retreat booklet read: 900P — Paint Prep (not stressful) . . . 100P — SESSION/Paint (not stressful) The “(not stressful)” was somewhat concerning, but at 9 Friday night, as we divided ourselves around six canvasses of various sizes, I tried to be obediently not stressed. The person who created the schedule for this women’s […]

confessions of a high-maintenance mom

Hi! In a funny scheduling fluke, I ended up on Kindred  Mom with the last essay of January and the first essay of February.  Double feature!  You can read the whole piece here or continue on for an excerpt. “So… dinner tomorrow. Any allergies? Restrictions? Strong preferences?” “Nah. We’re pretty low-maintenance.” I’ve had this conversation dozens of times over the years. In this case, we’d had this family over once, decided to make it a regular thing, and were about to head to their house for the first time. […]

free to quit

Hey, friends! I’m at Kindred Mom today, this time as a quitter. This is an excerpt. read the whole thing here.  I am sweating. The not-so-tiny infant inside my enormous body and the church sanctuary with poor air handling combine to make me regret my choice to abandon my typical mom-bun and wear my long hair down. It’s sticking to my neck and face. More bothersome than the heat and my crazy hormones […]