owning my racism

I fought writing this for weeks. Can I say this? Am I being pretentious, talking about the Big Things like I am any kind of expert?

But also in the back of my mind, the reality: it is my privilege as a white person that even gives me the option to NOT discuss it.

dear Christians: Trump is not the Savior of America

Hi. So… Election 2016 is over. (Hooray!) It’s been over for mere hours and already, I’ve seen posts from friends—people that I like—saying things like “I guess God still loves America!” and “Thank you, Jesus, we won!” Let’s talk about this for a second. God still rules. Jesus (not Trump) is still the Savior. When we position Trump […]

(a sad story, but a good God.)

A long time ago (probably just past a decade now), we were in a group of mostly-college-aged mostly-singles from our church. In this group (as frequently happens), a boy and a girl started to date. They were perfect together. Beaming. He proposed. The engagement lasted only long enough to put a simple wedding together. Its […]

in defense of social media

(It’s a web. Hahaha… hilarious.) In defense of social media? Who the heck do I think I am? Yeah. Facebook totally needs me to stand up for it.  At any rate… Social media gets a lot of negative press lately. (Ironically, most of this is shared via said media, but whatever.) It causes comparison leading to discontentment. […]