prayer of petition and lament for white people during racial unrest

Lord God, we see the pain around us—the rage rightly boiling over, from and on behalf of the oppressed. We confess our participation within this system, our willful ignorance of suffering and injustice, our indifference to the pain we see that does not affect us, the reticence to see the ways in which we are […]

field notes from a brave new world

Hey, friends! So in this weird season of minimal structure besides “stay in your house whenever possible,” my lifeline has been chats with friends about all the things—how we’re feeling, what we’re doing, how we’re staying sane (I mean IF)… Good times. Anyway, I figured maybe I wasn’t the only one surviving more on stories […]

dear Christians: Trump is not the Savior of America

Hi. So… Election 2016 is over. (Hooray!) It’s been over for mere hours and already, I’ve seen posts from friends—people that I like—saying things like “I guess God still loves America!” and “Thank you, Jesus, we won!” Let’s talk about this for a second. God still rules. Jesus (not Trump) is still the Savior. When we position Trump […]

(a sad story, but a good God.)

A long time ago (probably just past a decade now), we were in a group of mostly-college-aged mostly-singles from our church. In this group (as frequently happens), a boy and a girl started to date. They were perfect together. Beaming. He proposed. The engagement lasted only long enough to put a simple wedding together. Its […]

in defense of social media

(It’s a web. Hahaha… hilarious.) In defense of social media? Who the heck do I think I am? Yeah. Facebook totally needs me to stand up for it.  At any rate… Social media gets a lot of negative press lately. (Ironically, most of this is shared via said media, but whatever.) It causes comparison leading to discontentment. […]